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Hypnotherapy for Exams, Interview, Sports, Performance, Memory, Concentration

'In the zone'
The 'zone' that all top performers and athletes enter is a hypnotic state. Whether they are aware of it or not these successful achievers are self hypnotising in order to block out any unnecessary thoughts and distractions and so reach their maximum positive focus. Visualising success has now become widely used for greater achievement but has been a mainstay of hypnotherapy for a very long time.

Being taught these techniques by an expert can be a powerful aid for all who wish to perform better in any capacity, from professional golf tournaments to public speaking. It allows us to be able to reliably call on the very best of our abilities without blocks or negativity.

Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking, Nottingham

Widespread secret
Hypnotherapy is the secret weapon of many of the worlds top achievers including performers, business people and sporting champions (Tiger Woods, Nick Faldo, Jack Nicklaus, Ian Woosnam, Greg Rudedski, Adrian Moorhouse, Roger Black, Andy Cole, Jimmy Connors, Mohammed Ali, Nigel Benn, Mike Tyson, Frank Bruno, Michael Jordan...) have all openly admitted their secret.. they used hypnosis to achieve more. However to maintain their advantage over contemporaries most people keep it a secret.

Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking, Nottingham

How to perform well
In order to pass a test or interview, or to deliver a brilliant performance of any kind, your mind nees to do four things well: prepare, focus, believe and deliver.

With hypnosis coaching we develop your ability to remove
- anything that stops you preparing
(eg. reducing procrastination)
- anything that stops you focusing
(eg. resolving internal conflicts)
- anything that stops you believing
(eg. ending negative self talk)
- or anything that stops you delivering
(eg. improving poor recall).

We then work on improving
- everything that helps you prepare
(eg. increasing motivation and effective goal setting)
- everything that helps you focus
(eg. finding 'the zone' using self hypnosis)
- everything that helps you believe
(eg. anchoring positive experiences)
- and everything that helps you deliver
(eg. improving confidence)

With these four elements improved your best performances are likely to follow.

Hypnotherapy for Exams, Interview, Sports, Performance, Memory, Concentration










Hypnotherapy for Exams, Interview, Sports, Performance, Memory, Concentration

Hypnotherapy helps with the following kinds of performance:

- Sports performance
- Concentration
- Interview preparationsee also Confidence page
- Public speaking Issuessee also Confidence page
- Exams and testssee also Confidence page
- Stage frightsee also Confidence page see also Anxiety page
- Driving issuessee also Confidence page
- Memory building
- Problem solving
- Sales performancesee also Confidence page
- Speed reading
- Studying (improvement)

Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking, Nottingham

Comprehensive approach
Using Hypnotherapy and NLP can improve success by:
1) establishing effective goal setting
2) improving response to stress
3) improving motivation
4) removing negative associations
5) instilling positive belief
6) practicing success
7) improving recall
8) improving focus
9) accessing our best on demand
10) enjoying and rewarding our own successes


Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking, Nottingham

Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking, Nottingham

*Required disclaimer: Results, symptoms and treatment may vary from person to person, all individual cases are taken on merit.

Treating performance issues with hypnotherapy, depends greatly on the nature of the issue but may involve:

Guided imagery
To take you somewhere tranquil, peaceful and relaxing. Nearly all clients benefit from learning how to relax. When we know we can calm down and relax however stressful the situation we build a sense of effectiveness and a confidence in our ability to manage our own thoughts and emotions. This frees us up to give our best when we need to.

Using hypnotic suggestions
for building self-esteem and motivation

Generally this is the first treatment most clients receive. Nearly everyone benefits from initial work on building self esteem. This is because the sense of belief in our abilities influences how we feel, think, motivate ourselves and behave.

Goal setting
Whether a driving test, interview, presentation or cup final it is possible to prepare to the best of your ability every time. Clients can be coached towards reaching their own goals using advanced NLP techniques.

Removing blocks
Negative associations that limit your ability to perform at your best can be explored and released using hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis or may be completely removed using NLP.

Drawing on our best
Clients can learn how to draw on previous experiences of confidence and success to develop a winning mentality rather than focusing on negative history to drag themselves down. Using NLP anchoring these positive feelings can be reproduced at any time, giving you a great boost when it really matters.

Mentally rehearsing success in 'the zone'
In a state of deep hypnotic relaxation clients can learn to block out distractions and unnecessary thoughts and reach their maximum positive focus. Success can be repeatedly 'tasted' and visualised in clear detail, preparing the mind to automatically function at this level.

Improve mental function
With unnecessary thoughts and distractions blocked out, post hypnotic suggestions to improve recall and mental performance become highly effective. The mind can begin to believe in its own abilities and start to work at its free flowing best.

Clients can learn how to combine all these techniques for themselves so as to put themselves in the zone, visualise their approaching success, summon their very best frame of mind and perform at their utmost whenever they need to.

Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking, Nottingham

- Timeframe:
This varies from person to person depending on the targets and performance levels required.

Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking, Nottingham
Hypnotherapy for Exams, Interview, Sports, Performance, Memory, Concentration
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