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Hypnotherapy Nottingham

What is hypnotherapy?
- A swift and completely safe form of therapy.
- It is the most effective tool known for harnessing the power of the mind, to produce long lasting mental, and even, physiological changes.
- By relaxing deeply in a natural way your subconscious becomes free to change. Your imagination can then be given the power to make the lasting changes you need.
- You retain control at all times. My job is to skillfully guide you through this process.

Hypnotherapy Nottingham

Common sense wins out:
Hypnotherapy is rapidly growing in popularity as the populist, superstitious nonsense fed by stage hypnotists and Hollywood is at last being updated with awareness that the completely natural state of trance can give access to profound changes. All under the complete control of the one being 'hypnotised' and never the hypnotist.

Hypnotherapy Nottingham

Accepted Medical Practice:
Hypnotherapeutic treatment has been approved by the BMA (British Medical Association) as a form of ‘orthodox’ practice (as opposed to complementary or alternative medicine) for 120 years. It is an art/science mixture that has been developed over many centuries.

The BMA has endorsed the teaching of hypnosis in medical schools since 1955, but unfortunately, few doctors are able to spend enough time with a client to effectively use it. Therefore, despite reams of undisputed medical proof that it works, it's not something your GP is likely to use with you. Even for those doctors able to invest more in their patients than 10 minutes and a prescription, the lack of a clear agreement on why hypnosis works can challenge the logically trained mind. Some of our best doctors do use it but the uptake, in general, is disappointingly low.

Hypnotherapy Nottingham

How it works:
Why hypnotherapy should be quite so effective at creating change is a mystery but its clear that it's effectiveness comes from harnessing the abilities of the human mind - the most powerful and complex organ in the known universe! More specifically it's the ability to access and unlock the subconscious mind, an approach that is unique to hypnotherapy, which can make the changes so far-reaching, profound and long lasting.

Hypnotherapy Nottingham

The subconscious mind:
Our subconscious is the major part of who we are. All our vast array of behaviours, memories, habits, responses, physical and mental learnings, view of the world etc, are all locked away there. It is capable of processing many strands of separate thoughts, filtered through our experiences and opinions, to serve up an instant 'instinctive' decision to a complex choice... all of which it achieves in a split second.

Our conscious mind is by definition the part of us we are aware of - but it is only the 'tip' of the massive underwater 'iceberg' that makes up the whole being. Other therapies only treat the tip but hypnotherapy can treat the whole iceberg! Conscious problems are easily dealt with by the conscious mind and don't need the help of a professional. For everyone coming to see a therapist the problem will be locked in the subconscious. Put simply, hypnotherapy can unlock the part of the mind where the problem lies and then talk directly to to it.

Hypnotherapy Nottingham

My job, the guide:
My job is to guide you into hypnosis to give you access to that part of your mind so you can change the things that you feel you need to change. My job is also to help you bring the buried attributes and skills you have back to the surface where you can use them everyday.

We all enter what hypnotherapists call the 'hypnotic trance state' naturally at least twice a day. While falling asleep and waking up, as well as while engrossed in activities such as reading books, driving, watching films etc,. During these 'zoned-out' trance states we remain in complete control, and it's exactly the same with 'hypnosis'. It's a totally natural state that just happens to unlock the subconscious mind to helpful suggestions and imagination.

This in itself is very powerful but hypnosis also has many more powerful mechanisms for change at its disposal.

Hypnotherapy Nottingham

Other Hypnotic Methods:
Hypnotherapy also gives controlled access to all our memories, where profound insights can be made into the causes of problem behaviours and feelings. Through safely re-living them while very relaxed we are able to more easily reprocess difficult experiences which can allow the problem can just drop away.

We can also take great strength from the good memories, recalling the resources that enabled us to learn and achieve so much in our past.

Its even possible to experience 'living' in a future without the problems, a highly liberating vision that shows us what is possible and how to achieve it.

On top of having the potential to solve your problem with uniquely tailored solutions, hypnotherapy shows you deep relaxation techniques and powerful tools you can use to help in a whole range of areas of your life, not least stress management and the achievement of long term goals.

Hypnotherapy Nottingham

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Hypnotherapy Nottingham



Hypnotherapy Nottingham

Frequently Asked Questions:

-What does hypno-therapy help with?
The more psychological or behavioural your issue is the more likely it is that hypnotherapy can help it. The effects on the body, immune system etc, from stress are considerable so there are a great number of medical conditions with a psychological element to them such as ulcers, eczema, etc, See full list.

-How long does a session take?
The sessions are one hour long.

-What number of sessions does it take?
This is variable though I usually see improvement after the first hypnotic session. The hypnotherapeutic process is different for everyone. There are no two people that have matching day dreams, nor the same receptiveness to suggestions in hypnosis, similar motivation, exactly the same symptoms, root causes or severity. As an indication, most conditions are usually effectively dealt with in four to six appointments. This is rapid when we consider the minimum of ten to twenty sessions needed for the same outcomes in other psychotherapy approaches. A complex or deep rooted problem like OCD or severe depression may result in 10 sessions or more.

-Where is your hypnotherapy practice based?
My hypnotherapy practices are in Nottingham, Derby and Sheffield. This makes my services easily accessible for those living in Nottingham including Beeston, Stapleford, Long Eaton, West Bridgeford, Eastwood, Kimberley, Ockbrook, West Hallam, Heanor, Hucknall, Calverton, Carlton, Colwick Wood, Ripley, Burton Joyce, as well as the Mansfield area.

-What can I expect from a hypnotic trance? Is it a safe process?
Trance is completely natural. During an average day we all go into trance many times (when watching good films, doing work while on 'auto-pilot', when we read, drive... and more). Put simply, hypnosis is when someone else guides you into this same kind of 'trance' or relaxed state - so it is literally as safe as reading a book(!) Unlike the hypnotism you might see on stage, a fully qualified and registered hypnotherapist is dedicated to helping others. In this focused, relaxed state your critical mind will be less resistant to the suggestions that the hypnotherapist provides to help you. You might sense a heaviness or tingling in your hands or feet and you will be very relaxed when you come out of trance. There are no side effects and its not possible to get 'stuck' in a trance. You’ll be in exactly the same 'state' after you leave as you were when you arrived (okay to drive etc).

-Can everyone be hypnotised?
If you are over 5 and willing to relax then you can be hypnotised. (unless you have particular neurological conditions or certain learning difficulties)

-Will it hypnotherapy work for me?
There can be no guarantees for hypnotherapy as there are so many variables. However I can say that hypnotherapy will help most of the time, for most people, for the conditions detailed on this website.

-How much does it cost? £100 per one hour session. In cash or cheque to be paid in the session. Smoking cessation is different. It is usually a double session with a free follow up session for £300.

-Is my therapy confidential?
Absolutely confidential! I am bound by the same ethical codes as doctors and other registered health workers.

-May I bring someone with me?
If you like. They may either sit in on the session, sit outside the room if the venue has a waiting room, or wait in your car. It can sometimes be off putting for you to have someone you know in the session, particularly if you are searching through inner issues you may not wish them to overhear. On request (in advance) you may also have a video or audio recording of the therapy.

Hypnotherapy Nottingham
Hypnotherapy Nottingham

*Required disclaimer: Results, symptoms and treatment may vary from person to person, all individual cases are taken on merit.

-What is the therapeutic process?
In brief... At first I get to know you, your issues and your aims. Then we set about creating the changes you want.
The first appointment is mainly about getting a very clear idea of your problems and what they mean to you. This is not like everybody popping the same pill for headaches. Everyone is unique in their blend of problems, symptoms and root cause to their condition. What's more, everyone has their own way at looking at each of these. Hence, to help you effectively, I like to understand where you are now, where you’d like to be, and the best route to take you there.
The path to recovery might be anything from long and complex to quite straightforward but it usually involves helping you change thoughts and/or behaviours that you find undesirable and somehow locked in. Hidden in your subconscious are all your stuck patterns of behaviour (almost entirely good!), habits, preconceived ideas and automatic reactions. Making changes to these with the conscious mind can be extremely difficult and may take many, many sessions in other therapies. Hypnotherapy ‘talks’ directly with the subconscious mind and this is the ‘magic’ of this approach. In trance the ‘locks’ come off the automated behaviours. The main skill in hypnotherapy though is in knowing what needs to be said to the subconscious to encourage it to let go and change! When we understand precisely what needs to change then unwanted behaviours embedded deep in your subconscious for many years can be removed or redirected.

-Are you a qualified hypnotherapist?
Yes I am fully qualified:
HPD (Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma) DipNLP (Diploma in NLP)
DipH (Diploma in Hypnotherapy)
GHSQ (General Hypnotherapy Standards Qualification)
CertPM (Certificate in Pain Management)
CertPT (Certificate in Parts Therapy)
CertDE (Certificate in Discursive Empowerment)

Are you a registered hypnotherapist?
Yes I am fully registered:
GHR (Member of General Hypnotherapy Register)

-Can you help me without hypnosis?
Yes I can. Hypnotherapy is a brilliant tool for delivering therapy but success also comes from my empathic nature and from my training in other areas of psychotherapy. I am also qualified in NLP (Neuro lingual programming), Parts Therapy (by Roy Hunter himself), EMDR and in Discursive Empowerment. I am also able to employ techniques from the following therapies: CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), EFT (emotional freedom technique), timeline therapy, coaching & goal orientated therapy, client-centered therapy, new code NLP, solution-focused therapy, psychodynamics, REBT (rational emotional behavioural therapy) and gestalt therapy,

Hypnotherapy Nottingham

"Hypnosis is supported by more scientific evidence than any other complementary therapy." The Health Authority, UK

Hypnotherapy Nottingham

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Hypnotherapy Nottingham

Hypnotherapy Nottingham
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