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Hypnotherapy for Depression

In search of a long term solution
- Hypnotherapy (combined with CBT techniques) is now widely accepted as being effective in treating depression.

- Not only can it boost the way in which we think of ourselves, but it can also address the root causes of depression, allowing a more long term solution to be found.

- Anti-depressants can be effective at stabilising mood (and are recommended for the major depressive disorders) but they do not address the source of the depression. For some, the anti-depressants help to lift their mood and motivation enough to leave their troubles behind them for good but for most this is not the case and depression is something that tends to recur throughout their lives.

Hypnotherapy for Depression, Nottingham

A Swift Solution
- Usually, the sufferers of depression find the motivation required for long treatments very hard to come by. So, for them, the shorter the treatment the better. CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) is also recognised as effective with depression and it addresses long term changes in how we think. However, the treatment is relatively long and requires a great deal of motivation to achieve success. Hypnotherapy combined with CBT techniques is usually more swift and effective. Because of this it is more likely to be concluded successfully by someone who is depressed and therefore likely to be lacking motivation.

- Hypnotherapy also has the advantage of being able to quickly address and reprocess the origins of the depressive disorder. For example, by going back to those events using age regression techniques. It is common to hear these days that 'depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the mind'. That pills are the only solution. However, life does sometimes throw huge problems at us and it is obvious that grief or loss, substance dependency, chronic pain, phobias etc, all cause profound low mood. It might seem a bit 'chicken and egg' but it makes sense that persistent low mood causes the chemical imbalance in the first place and ultimately depression follows if the sources are not addressed.

Hypnotherapy for Depression

A Complete Solution
- The typical hypnotherapy treatment combines addressing the sources of the depression, breaking negative thought cycles, regaining a sense of control and rebuilding self-belief and self-worth.

- Hypnotherapy can also be very helpful for inducing relaxation, reducing distraction, encouraging new thinking, maximising concentration, amplifying experiences, and providing access to subconscious thought processes.

Hypnotherapy for Depression

Hypnotherapy for Depression

Major or Severe Depression.
Bipolar Disorder.

If you think you are suffering from the symptoms below you should consult your GP for treatment as soon as possible. Also, seek help from friends or relatives, regardless of any sense of pride that might be 'at stake'. Depression is a serious condition but it is also a normal response to excess pressure and is extremely common. 12% of people in the UK seek treatment for depression at some point in their lives.

Once under medicinal control, hypnotherapy can then be of great benefit in treating the underlying causes of depression, in coming off your anti-depressants, and in preventing future recurrence of depressive episodes.

Hypnotherapy for Depressive Disorders, Nottingham

The typical symptoms of 'Major Depression' are:

- Loss of interest & pleasure in normal activities
- Sad, depressed mood
- Disturbed sleep patterns
- Major change in activity level (either lethargic or agitated)
- Major change in appetite (weight gain or weight loss)
- Feelings of worthlessness, guilt, self-blame, self-reproach
- Loss of energy or great fatigue
- Difficulty in concentrating, thinking and decisiveness
- Recurring thoughts of death or suicide

Hypnotherapy for Depression, Nottingham

Some of the typical symptoms of 'Bipolar Disorder' (previously called 'Manic Depression') are:

- Increase in activity levels
- Unusual talkativeness, rapid speech
- Need less sleep than usual
- Racing thoughts
- Inflated self-esteem; belief that you have special talents, abilities and powers
- Indulgence in excessive pleasurable but 'self-destructive' activities
- Attention is easily distracted

Hypnotherapy for Depressive Disorders, Nottingham

Hypnotherapy for Depressive Disorders, Nottingham

*Required disclaimer: Results, symptoms and treatment may vary from person to person, all individual cases are taken on merit.

Depending on the situation and client, typical methods of treatment for the milder forms of depression may be:

- Hypnotic Suggestion
Firstly to give your self esteem a massive boost. Then to learn how to remove negative thoughts before they arise (by changing the automatic negativising of the sub conscious mind into automatic positive interpretations). All those negative automatic thoughts then become automatic good ones.

- CBT-Techniques
These can be used to identify which key thought processes create the most problems and what would be a more productive way to think about them instead. These new insights can then be learned quickly and powerfully using hypnotic suggestion rather than the traditional CBT route (which requires a great deal of effort as you have to systematically change the way you think about yourself and events).

- Symbolic Imagery in trance
These techniques are generally excellent for handling past emotional experiences, and reducing feelings of guilt, loss, anger, blame, fears, anxieties, etc.

- Hypnotic regression
This is usually a great and relaxed way to safely revisit traumatic or disturbing events that may lie at the heart of your troubles. With relaxed, closer attention (in trance), new insights and improved perspectives may reveal themselves, which can allow you to deal more thoroughly with what has happened and enable you to move on positively.

Hypnotherapy for low motivation, Nottingham

- Timeframe:
This varies from person to person but on average clients with depression work with me for 8 to 10 sessions.

Hypnotherapy for very low mood, Nottingham
Hypnotherapy for Depression
Control Depression with hypnotherapy, Nottingham
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